New field, new coach, same team

Faith Deevers and Orbiter Staff

After 13 years and 68 wins — including a trip to playoffs in 2012 — head football coach, John Arlesic, has resigned from coaching, but will continue teaching math here in the community he has invested much in, and where his family resides

Senior Nick Keba

“It’s sad; I know it’s his life and he loves it, which I love,” said senior linebacker Nick Keba. “He’s been here since I was a junior Rocket. I’m glad I had him for all four years.”

Transitioning into the position is former Crestwood coach, Pete Thompson, who left Crestwood’s football program for a one year contract here, which can be renewed annually.

A five-member committee selected Thompson from 40 candidates. The last interviews to decide among the twofinalists were conducted by Principal James Hogue and Superintendent Michael Daulbaugh.

“Both coaches [Arlesic and Thompson] are very passionate about coaching football and developing young men,” said athletic director Randy Tevepaugh. “I believe their game preparation, offensive and defensive philosophies, are different in terms of how they approach each opponent and their overall game plan.”

Tevepaugh said he felt Thompson’s “credentials, past success and coaching honors elevated him above all else.”

Thompson worked at rival Crestwood High School for five years and coached football for 21 years total, before joining the football program here. He led Crestwood to three playoffs and helped the team beat our own this past fall season.

Streetsboro V Crestwood

“He kept us guessing with the plays,” recalled junior wide receiver, Keshun Jones. “[He] had us in a lot of formations we didn’t know very well and, you know, it was hard to keep up with Crestwood. We didn’t know what to do or expect.”

The Red-Devils had come back from an early deficit and snatched a win in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, ending the game 32-21.

The Rockets’ last season with Arlesic ended 5-5, capped with a 34-6 win over Cloverleaf.

In a meeting with those interested in playing football this fall, Thompson stressed the importance of academics to him and his coaching staff.

As he takes over the 2017 team, Thompson’s mission is to be among the top division four teams. His philosophy for becoming a top team originates from four words: integrity, academics, sportsmanship and character.

“I want our players to be successful in all aspects of their lives,” Thompson said. “We will work to shape them as young men, as well as being good football players.”

The coaching staff consists of nine additional coaches: Assistant Head coach, Troy Spiker, defensive coordinator, Eric Yurchisin, defensive backs/wide receiver coaches, Dave Verhotz and Lonnel Harrison, running back/linebacker coach, Jim Lovejoy, quarterback/defensive line coach, Pete Smith, defensive/offensive line coach, Paul Koballa and equipment/facilities directors Frank Diehl and Joe Yanich.

Junior Russell Kendall

“I can’t wait…” said junior running back, Russell Kendall. “I like how all the assistant coaches have experience and I’m glad he kept Lovejoy…I can’t wait to see how the new offense will work.”

Thompson is as ready as the players and Tevepaugh to begin the season.

“I am certainly excited, as there is a lot to be excited about with Streetsboro football…” he said. “It is a solid program in a league that I am quite familiar with. The community support is strong. The administrative support is strong. The new facilities are tremendous as well… I am especially excited to get to know all the new players and their families and start the process of building new relationships.”

Though Arlesic’s investment in Streetsboro football will be greatly cherished and missed by many players, students, coaches and community members, the time of change is upon Streetsboro.

“It’s a change for everyone,” Thompson said. “You can embrace it or you can run from it… Change will make you better, or, it will make you bitter.”





Photos by: Madison Dabrowski