How to: find your next great book


Faith Deevers, Reporter

For all the avid readers out there, you know how difficult it can be to find your next read. Searching through amazon and the library shelves just hoping a book will magically enter your hands. You may have just finished that really great series and are having a hard time finding a new book to try, we’ve all been there. But, look no further, your book-finding savior is here with three tips for finding your next favorite book!



    • Simply click the above link
    • One of the first things the site will ask is if you would like to set a reading goal for the year (great if you’re trying to up your reading).
    • Then it will ask you to select your favorite genres…Take this very seriously. In order to find good books, the site actually has to know what types of books you’re looking for.
    • After asking your preferred genres, it will show books under each genre, and ask you to rate books in each genre you named.
      • It is recommended to rate at least two books in each of your favorite genres, so as to help the site better know what you’re looking for.
    • Next, Goodreads will gather all the information you have provided and will, in turn,suggest books for you to read.
    • Look through the recommended books, pick a few, and add them to your “to read” shelf.


  • Ask around:


    • Friends: Any people you are close with like to read? Ask them for recommendations. Even if you don’t typically dabble in their genres, expanding your ideas on books will open up a whole new section of literature for you to try, and with more genres, comes less of a book shortage.
    • English teachers: Most English teachers enjoy a wide variety of reading, andthose who do can have quite extensive knowledge on books in your preferred genres. Ask if they have any recommendations, and if they do, offer them some yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to provide them with their next great read!!
    • Librarians: Ask your local/school librarian what other customers are reading. Librarians know the books being used/checked out the most, or the one with the longest waiting lists. Chances are, the books others are working hard to get their hands on, are great books to read.


  • Check your movie theatre:


    • It is very “in” right now to base movies off of books, and if you haven’t already seen a movie, reading the book could be a great new chance for a movie/book combo. (Book club… anyone?)Chances are, if the book is becoming a movie, the reading itself was widely appreciated, and give a general idea as to the sum of people that enjoyed the piece. If it is being made into a multimillion-dollar movie, it is most likely a relatively okay book.
    • Books being made into movies 2017


There’s many different ways to find your next great read. Don’t hang your head jump in bed, with your new book! Remember to try Goodreads, the theatre, and communicating with other book lovers, the only activity that comes close to being as enjoyable as reading a book, is talking about one. If you have any other ways to find a new read, please comment and share with us your ideas!

Happy reading!