Apple watch, series two takes on Streetsboro

Jenna Clausen, Reporter

Apple recently released the newest version of its Apple Watch, Series 2, which features a built-in GPS and a Global Navigation Satellite System. The earlier version,  Series 1, has features such as wifi and bluetooth connection, a heart rate sensor and an ambient light sensor.

Each of the Apple Watches come with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, with a charge lasting up to 18 hours, as well as a magnetic charging cable.

“The battery is fantastic on it,” senior Nick Keba said.” I charge it every night, but it has lasted me two days without charging it.”

Inside Series 1 is an S1 chip with a dual-processor, providing a lightning-fast performance and allowing  apps installed to launch immediately, while always keeping up to date.

Series 2 comes with an S2 chip, which just allows for a fast-acting GPS system.

Spanish teacher Courtney Ruggaber said she has never had any issues with the watch being slow.  Ruggaber owns Series 1 and has had it for about two years.

Series 1 owner and radio teacher Bob Long  said the time syncs with an NTP (Network Time Protocol), “so it is correct to the second with real-world time.”

Series 1 is splash resistant, which means some water can come into contact with the watch without the system frying.  Series 2 is water resistant,  which allows it to be completely submerged under water up to 50 meters or 164 feet, providing  the option to shower or swim with it on.

Series 1 and 2 can both track activity and help users monitor their health via the Fitness Center. Users can set fitness goals and keep track of these goals with the activity rings. Throughout the day, the watch tracks users’ heart rates, showing  how fast a heart is beating any any given moment.

Biology teacher Tracey Schneeman owns the first series watch. “I track my active calories on it…activity and miles,” Schneeman said. “I have used some seven minute fitness apps on it as well.”

iPhones can connect to the watch, allowing texts, calls and emails to come through, and enabling users to return texts and answer calls and emails right from the watch.

“Most teachers don’t let you have your phone out, but I can sneak my Apple Watch and still text….joke’s on them,” Keba said.

“I…love that notifications come through when someone is calling or if I get a text,” Ruggaber said, “That way I know I have messages, but can respond to them later. Or if I am driving, I can answer the call on my phone and talk, but still have both hands on the steering wheel.”

Schneeman said the ability to get her texts and phone calls is her favorite feature  “I am not ‘attached’ to my phone.  However, there are times that my husband or family needs to ask me a quick (but important) question and I wouldn’t get the text because I didn’t have my phone on me…especially when I am at work.  Now, at least I know about them and I can decide if it is important enough to deal with that moment or if it can wait until after school,” Schneeman said.

Different types of bands are available for both watches that range from $49 to $689, depending on the material and band type. Apple also offers Nike+, which has all the same features of Series 2, but has a different, “breathable” band, and a different face than the original versions.

Prices for the Apple Watch Series 1 starts at $269, and at $369 for Series 2 and Nike+.