PASS to place personalized touch on new school

Leah Gawne, Reporter

Personalized bricks and granite tiles are available for purchase. These bricks will be on the new athletics complex walkway, granite wall, and brick auditorium interior wall.

“PASS came up with this idea while we were working on the bond issue to build the new school,” said Karyn Hall, who leads People’s Alliance for Streetsboro Schools. “We wanted to provide a way for the community to be a lasting part of Streetsboro history.”

The athletic complex walkway will start at the plaza and surround the main ticket booth leading into the stadium. Bricks for the athletics walkway will be 8’’ x 8’’ with three lines of 16-character wording each, along with the Rocket logo.

Exterior wall’s bricks will be black granite and the walkway will consist of red bricks.

Bricks on the interior, which will be red, will be 4’’ x 8’’ with the same wording rules, but no logo. This wall will lead right into the new auditorium.

They’re goal is to be finished with the walkway and wall by August.

Original deadline has been extended to March 1. All proceeds will benefit the arts, stadium and athletic funds.

“The athletic department strongly recommends families or individuals purchase a brick for their son or daughter, other family members, friend, team or a company” said athletic director Randy Tevepaugh. “Once the granite wall is installed, no more bricks will be added. We believe we will be able to add bricks to the plaza at a later date.”

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