Orbiter meets Tate Raub

Freshman Tate Raub’s dream is to become a professional musician, and based off her schedule, you can tell.


Zoha Shaikh, Contributor

Freshman Tate Raub, is a victorious Tri-C jazz musician, as well as a Harry Potter fanatic, a soccer player and a track athlete. Tate is involved in the school theater, marching band, pep band, and the school jazz band.

“I’m only in band and my portion of rehearsals for theater don’t start till March, but still it’s not always easy,” Raub said.

She prefers to create a well balanced schedule of after-school activities, homework, and other priorities. When she does not have a lot of homework, then she will proceed to work on memorizing her lines for the school theater, or she’ll  practice her music for band.

“She’s a very nice person to talk to” said sophomore Corey Hautmann, one of Raub’s closest friend. “I honestly don’t think that there’s a bad bone in her body.”

“It’s all about time management, which I’ll admit I’m still trying to get the hang of, but that’s essentially the bottom line.” Raub said.

Even though Raub receives lots of homework daily, due to the fact that she is in all honors classes, she really likes to find time to do some of the activities she really enjoys such as playing and listening to music, watching Netflix, hanging out with her friends and singing.

“I really see potential in her. No matter what, she keeps trying to be the best, and I love determination,” Hautmann said.

“It’s probably very naive, but I’d love to be a full time performer and have people know who I am,” Raub said. “According to my parents I’ve always sang from the time I was little, obviously it’s changed from nursery rhymes to more modern music, but I still love it.”

She has always done her best to push herself to do the things that she normally would not do, even if she was scared, doing this allowed her to become more comfortable with the activities that she is involved in now.

“Tate is one of my closest friends,” said freshman Natalie Rose. “I know I can always go to her if I have a problem, and she takes school and her extracurriculars seriously, but she knows when to have fun.”

Raub’s biggest goals for 2017 are keep to her grades up, finish freshman year peacefully and have a little bit of fun.