Club Penguin obituary


Isabel Wolfe, Reporter

Club Penguin’s demise has broken the hearts of students who played this virtual game. A kind of social media for younger kids, this game would enable users to chat with other penguins around the world.

This game has been around since 2005, and many students have played it from the very beginning, begging parents for memberships so they could buy costumes and pet Puffles.

Possibly the most shocking thing about the ending of this game is the infamous iceberg tipping. For years, it was always rumored that with enough penguins, it would be possible to tip the iceberg. This year, that rumor became real, and the iceberg finally tipped, shocking penguins everywhere.

Senior Kate Shcherban grew up playing this game, and said she even made her mom buy her annual  memberships more than once. When the iceberg did tip, she said, “it made me feel really nostalgic, but I feel like it was a perfect way to end the site.”

She is sad about it ending though, and said, “I spent so much time playing it as a kid. It’s weird to think that kids won’t be playing Club Penguin growing up any more.”

This game will end March 29, but fortunately, for players everywhere, not all hope is lost. Club Penguin has announced a Club Penguin Island game, but users are not sure what is it, and Disney has not released any specifics, either. Users of the original Club Penguin are left dumbfounded as to why it is being shut down, because Disney has not released why this website is being killed.

Club Penguin has been around for the past 11 years, and with Disney killing it off and replacing it, many users are left confused about the virtual game, protesting at the Plaza and the Town, refusing to give up on their favorite game. Some users have even gotten their Puffles to protest, little balls of fur protesting the ending of this game. Penguins are joining together everywhere to hold protests; users can barely walk around the Club Penguin world without running into one.

Whether it was the secret rooms throughout the Club Penguin world, the mini games such as Pizza Maker 3000, or just a simple fishing game, the Puffles, or even becoming a secret agent penguin, this game was enjoyed by millions, and its shut-down has shocked everyone.

If users would like to sign up for the mysterious Club Penguin Island, they can pre-register here.