Orbiter app of the week: 1010!

Faith Deevers and Leah Gawne

1010! is a challenging puzzle game. The object is to drag and drop the squares onto the board and once you place ten in a row, it clears. The game continues until plays are no longer able to be made. Lovers of tetris will enjoy this game as it has a similar concept minus the timer.


Was it easy to learn?

Leah: It was easy to learn for me because I had seen ads for it on Instagram and I had watched friends play it so I knew what to do. If I had not watched those, though, I feel it still would have been very easy to learn; it has a very simple concept. It even has a little video tutorial in the app store — or wherever you get this game — you can watch before or after you get it.


Faith: It was pretty easy. Leah showed me what to do and I did my best. I got pretty far my first try, but since then, my scores have remained in the hundreds.


What did you like?

Leah: I like that it gives you something to do when you want to pass time or you just get bored… or if your mom makes you go down into your basement because there is a tornado warning, like mine did March 1.. I also like that you can turn it on a night mode by pressing the crescent moon box.

Faith: I really enjoyed it. It was kind of relaxing. I enjoyed when I had a line of multiple boxes, and was able to clear a line of three to four spaces. It was really nice to just focus on placing them and not much of anything else.


What did you not like?

Leah: I don’t like how after every time you lose there is an ad, but I guess the have to get ads in there somewhere, right? There are also times where the app glitches and puts my piece in a place I didn’t want it. It also seems like a modern version of Tetris, except the pieces aren’t falling from the top.


Faith: I didn’t really like the weird noises the app made. When new pieces came up, it sounded like a sucking noise, which felt awkward for the game at hand. And frankly, it became annoying after a certain point. Whenever I placed a
new one it made a noise as well, but each sounded the same. It would be really interesting if they made the notes get higher pitched as you went, maybe create a bit of suspense for the game. I also hated how there was NO WAY TO WIN. You never win the game, you just continue playing. Great concept in some ways, but as a person who enjoys competition, the no-winning aspect of the game was very frustrating.

Was it addicting?

Leah: I wouldn’t call it addicting, but I do play it often. No, I don’t think about how much I want to play it all day long, and no, I don’t obsess over playing it either.


Faith: It was an alright game. I’ll keep this one on my phone because I enjoyed it enough, but after a certain point, the no-winning concept frustrates me and I end up having to leave.



Leah: 7 out of 10… It’s a very good time waster but it seems a little overrated. It was just like any other game where you are trying to beat your high score.


Faith: 8 out of 10…. It’s really fun and can be really relaxing until you want to win, then it becomes just plain frustrating.


To download this app for an Apple device, click here.
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