Orbiter meets Aljuwon and Emily


Anna Klink, Contributor

If given the chance to offer the underclassmen some advice, senior Aljuwon Eiland-Sims would say, “Actually do more work and don’t sit around your freshman and sophomore year.”

His classmate, Emily Frost, added: “Definitely just take advantage of the time here and have lots of fun; do your homework and go to class.”

Senior Aljuwon Eiland-Sims

As Eiland-Sims looks back on his time here at Streetsboro, having moved from Kent his junior year, he credits English teacher, Molly Klodor, as his favorite.

“When I first came here, she was nice to me and helped out with extra things other than English, and she always puts
a smile on my face,” he said.

Over the past two years as a Rocket, he has participated in football, basketball and track and field. Eiland-Sims said his favorite sports memory was watching his buddy, fellow senior Milton Wilson, break a record in discus the last outdoor track season.

During her time here, Frost  has participated in auxiliary and spun flag and rifle in the marching band.

Senior Emily Frost

Frost said her favorite memory is: “Definitely marching with all my friends, because I made such a tightknit friendship and family with those people, and so marching with them and going to practices was always so much fun.”

Being a part of the first class to graduate from the new high school, Frost said, is “pretty exciting, pretty cool…It’s like, exciting that like we get to be here, but at the same time it’s…kinda sad that we didn’t get to graduate from the old high school.”

Though Eiland-Sims has been most active in sports throughout most of his high school career, he said his plan for after graduation involve living “in a different country, being a nurse.”

He said he wants to go into nursing because, “When I was a kid I had really bad asthma and health problems and was constantly in the hospital. I realized that nurses are constantly around people and can change a person’s day and I’d like to hopefully save a life.”

Looking forward from now, Frost said she can see herself, “working at a job that I really enjoy…being married, having a kid or two. Just being very happy with my life.”




Photos courtesy of Madison Dabrowski