Freshman Ashlee Basich wins Rotary Speech Contest


Zoha Shaikh, Contributer

Freshman Ashlee Basich placed first in the district rotary speech contest held Feb. 22 at Aurora High school.

She placed above experienced sophomore Karan Ingle, and senior Joe Beaver, in the event led and organized by English teacher Maralee Lellio.

“Of course I was nervous at first when I got on the stage,” Basich said, “but as I started to speak, I became comfortable. My mind was so set on telling people about this awareness. I felt so passionate.”

Her speech was on the devastating affects of pornography.

“I chose this topic because this is such a taboo thing that nobody realizes or wants to admit the depth of the harmful problems it causes,” Basich said. “I know a couple personally that went through a very sad downfall in their relationship because he watched porn. I saw how it affected their everyday life. I saw the tears that the woman went through as she spoke to me how this made her feel.”

The first round of the Rotary Speech Contest took place February 6 in the auditorium after school. Members of the Aurora Rotary Club judged the speeches. Contestants were each required to write a four-to-seven-minute speech based on problem-solving, using the given requirements.

Landing in second place was Beaver, whose topic was “The Morality of Capitalism.”

“The topic surrounds my belief in individualism, and lifting people up,” Beaver said. “The economic system I lay out in the speech highlights my politics, which is what I intend to pursue as a career.”

Ingle’s speech was on “Mobile Devices and How They Affect Our Social Skills.”

“I started writing my speech the weekend we had to present it to the Rotarians,” Ingle said. “I finished my speech a few minutes before all but one Rotarian showed up to Streetsboro High School.”

Moving on to the final round, which will take place in April, Basich will compete against other high schoolers who also placed first in their school contest.

Beaver said he still felt accomplished after giving his speech and placing second.

“I felt extremely proud to have Streetsboro freshman Ashlee Basich top me in the contest to advance on to districts,” he said. “It was a ‘passing of the torch’ moment for me, and I wish her the best of luck in speaking at Aurora High School in the coming weeks, and her possible participation in the years throughout her high school career.”