Introducing a new self art project — “You’re Rotten”


Alexis Albright, Digital Artist

Recently, I haven’t been able to draw much, and I have been feeling creatively deprived of drawing. So when I had a little extra free time, I came up with this concoction of an art project — a self art project — so not for a class or teacher.

This may sound a little cheesy as a question, but have you ever felt sick of someone before, like they’re an “old topic” and the mention of their name is just, well, rotten?

I have. Which is why I created this idea at about three in the morning (I always think or find the weirdest things at three in the morning, I swear).

Basically, it’s that concept. Sick of either thoughts or a person, and their idea just melts like flesh.

Speaking of flesh (weird change of topic, I know), there’s this artist trend going around recently called, “pastel gore,” otherwise known as “candy gore.” It’s basically what it sounds like. Pretty pastel colors mixed with cutesy gore. Different parts of the body are sectioned off, and drawn with a little circle in the middle to represent bone and there’s some pink blood.

So, yeah, I look forward to posting this project and really trying to push my limits drawing-wise. In the future, there will be a whole post dedicated to displaying the art and let’s see how many drawings I decide to make.