Juniors and seniors inducted into NHS


Juniors and seniors had the ‘honor’ of being inducted into the National Honors Society in the new school auditorium.

National Honors Society is an organization that gathers and recognizes students who contribute to their community. It highlight students who go above and beyond in supporting their city, school and the people around them.

Students apply at the beginning of their junior or senior year. Applications are handed out personally by Adviser Julie Dalton.

But applications are not given to just everyone. Students must have a 3.5 or above GPA to apply. Once all applications are turned in, Dalton has them reviewed by a five-teacher panel. This panel — selected by current NHS members — is tasked with choosing who makes it into NHS.

“I just facilitate the meeting… they give the thumbs up, thumbs down,” Dalton explained of the selection process.

Along with having a 3.5 GPA, students are also required to participate in at least three activities within the building. These can be clubs, sports or service groups. But to really catch the attention of the committee, students should try to look for projects on their own.

“It can’t just be, ‘I walk the dog an hour after school,’” said senior inductee Sidney Grimm “It needs to be, ‘I go to the local shelter and help homeless people, or I help out with the blood drive; I set up and clean every year.”

For help in finding community service opportunities, students should contact liason Joe Huber.

“Mr. Huber is a wealth of leadership opportunities, and a wealth of service opportunities,” Dalton said.

Along with volunteer hours and academic success, students should display the school’s five pillars of character.

“Other than being a good pupil, you need to be a good person,” Grimm said.

“It was really cool,” said junior inductee Maddy Hall. “It was a little big for an event that small, but the sound and feel was great.” The induction was a half hour long. Current members gave speeches and  students were introduced by name, GPA, grade and current activities. They then recited the NHS pledge together.

In past years, these inductions have been held in the gym during school meeting time, but this year, it was more formal.

“It was much more enjoyable than it would have been on metal chairs, in a gym,” Grimm said. Families and friends of those joining were more able to come in the evening, creating a much more focused audience.