New art media and sketches

Alexis Albright, Digital Artist

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I recently bought a refurbished iPad Pro 10.5, and it’s amazing. I downloaded Procreate (on the Apple App Store), and I’m very impressed with it. It was $9.99, and it is well worth the money. I only have two complaints: the pen will glitch and switch to a thicker, crayon-like brush, but as I was using it, I think it’s actually supposed to be like shading as a pencil would. It only does it when I angle it at about a 45 degree angle, so I guess it’s not entirely a glitch, but the brush size is huge. Also, when you transform something (i.e. flip an image), it loses the texture of the brush and gets fuzzy/blurry. I used to have to deal with this freshman year when I used a Kindle to draw, so it’s not something entirely new or exasperating. That’s really all that’s bad. The app itself is beautifully crafted and worth the money.

Here’s the sketch .