Ella Deevers & Mike Hall named All-American athletes


Photos courtesy of: Lifetouch Photography

Both junior Ella Deevers and senior Mike Hall were named All-American athletes after leading their soccer and football teams, respectively, to league titles.

Savanna Estes, Editor

The lights turn on, illuminating the field. As songs like “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha and “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion flow out of the speakers, junior soccer star Ella Deevers and her teammates shake off their nerves by dancing as they warm up. 

Head Coach Ryan Willard just shakes his head at their dancing.  

Deevers and her teammates all like to have fun at their games; they also know how to focus and get the job done on the field.The Varsity girls soccer team has made Streetsboro history in recent years, winning league titles in 2019 — when they went undefeated in the league — and 2020. The girls also advanced to playoffs both years. 

Junior Ella Deevers races down the field against Coventry September 15 at home. Deevers has already committed to Bowling Green State University to play soccer in fall of 2022.

Leading this effort was dancing midfielder herself, Deevers, who has not only made a name for herself across the league, but also across the country.

She earned the title of “All-American” after her performance this season.

According to Wikipedia, the “All-America” team is a hypothetical American sports team composed of outstanding amateur players. These players are broadly considered the best positional players in a particular sport, for specific reason.

Two Rocket athletes actually earned the prestigious title this year. The other was senior football player Michael Hall, Jr.

“I feel that it’s a big accomplishment,” Hall said.“…Just seeing the guys win awards like that, it always made me want to work hard to achieve those goals and get to be a part of the 100 people selected across the country to be an All-American.”

Senior Mike Hall celebrates another Rocket win. Hall committed to play football for The Ohio State University as a junior.

His national recognition aside, Hall made an impression on the high school team, leading them to two league titles as an upperclassman. He made an impression on the head coach right from the start.

Probably my most memorable moment with Mike was the first time I met him shortly after he had moved to the Boro,” said Head Football Coach Pete Thompson. “I was shocked to find out that this big, athletic guy who looked like a grown man just showed up, was only 14 years old, and was heading into his sophomore year. Needless to say, my shock turned to happiness, knowing he was going to be a Rocket for the next three years!”

Hall’s growth as a Rocket the past three years has definitely paid off. 

Both he and Deevers received Division I athletic offers as juniors: Hall accepted an offer from The Ohio State University to play football this fall and Deevers recently committed to Bowling Green State University to play soccer.

“Ohio State has always been my dream school, so I decided to go there and fulfill my dreams,” Hall said. 

Thompson noted that Hall’s impact reaches beyond the field. “As much as he has grown as a player, I would be remiss if I also did not compliment his growth as an overall student athlete and as a young man in general,” the coach said. “It is in these areas that I have seen the most growth in Mike and could not be more proud to have witnessed this evolution over the last three years.”

While school and football occupy much of his time, Hall has another focus as well.

Michael is actually a sensitive and compassionate young man…..off the field,” said Thompson. “He generally cares about others and is a ‘gentle giant’ when you get to know him. He has recently set up a charitable foundation to help others in the future and wants to be a role model for others to follow.”

In the meantime, Hall has continued to work on his craft. Both of Streetsboro’s All-American athletes have been preparing for college, or in Deevers’ case, her senior season. 

Deevers said she is practicing and playing daily to prepare for next season. “I’d like to see us win the league again,” she said. “I’d like for us to make it further in the state tournament and then, that’s really it. I hope that next year is really fun too, if that makes sense; that’s really my goal, just to have fun.” 

Hall said he is preparing for OSU by, “Just working out and just working hard on and off the field, whether that’s school or training and working out.” 

While both Hall and Deevers have earned national recognition for their athletic talent, they are also highly valued as teammates.

“Every game me and Kenzie [Mobley], if we’re not making a TikTok, we’re just like dancing during the warm up. And our coach gets really mad at us sometimes because we don’t like, take it seriously, but it’s kind of his fault because they put on such good songs that we can’t help it.”

— Junior Ella Deevers

Junior quarterback Maysun Klimak said Hall, “Always had my back, and whenever I get tackled or pushed down he’s always right there to pick me right back up.”

Freshman Lainey Klein said Deevers is a team cheerleader in addition to being a standout player. She’s always cheering everyone on and if people are upset she’s always there to help and make everyone laugh.”