Boys baseball continues to hit it out of park

Pitcher Colin Boldin’s 18 strikeouts against Garfield Heights sets new school record


Photo by Colin Agra

Senior Colin Boldin winds up to throw a pitch. Boldin broke a school pitching record with 18 strikeouts against Garfield Heights March 29.

Seth Mobley, Reporter

A winning season and broken pitching record are already in the books as Head Coach Chris Scisciani (“Scis”), senior pitcher Colin Boldin and the Rocket Varsity baseball team strive for a league title.

Scis is trying to lead his team (whose record is 10-5-1 as of press time) to a league victory. 

“Our goal is to win 20 baseball games this year,” he said. “Obviously, we want to win the league. We kinda put ourselves in a hole. We have [five] losses in the league right now [as of April 27], but if other teams start knocking each other off we handle business and win out in the league. We should easily win over 15 games but we keep saying our goal is 20. We will be right there if we don’t make the mistakes that we made yesterday.”

Scis was referring to the April 19 matchup with Norton, in which the Rockets lost 8-5.

Several players had good starts to the season, Scis said. “Obviously, Colin Boldin, he’s doing a really good job for us pitching wise and playing shortstop.”

Boldin set a new school pitching record with 18 strikeouts against Garfield Heights March 29. 

“It was awesome,” he said “Something I dreamed of. Everything was working. All my pitches were working, my arm felt good, and I had a good mindset going into the game and stuck with the game plan.”

Rockets gather on the pitching mound during a game. (Photo by Colin Agra)

While Scis said he could not quite remember what the previous pitching record was, he thought it was in the 15s.

Boldin suffered an elbow injury earlier in the season but it did not affect his play too much. “It was extremely swollen, and was tender to the touch,” he said, “Luckily it was on my left elbow, so it doesn’t affect me pitching that much. It does, though, affect me hitting, because I have to wear an elbow guard so it doesn’t get hit.”

A senior should set an example and be a leader on and off the field, and this is what Boldin is trying to do. “I want to leave a good mark on the younger guys. Show them what it takes to play college baseball,” he said. “Of course I would love to set records, and have my name in the history books, and it’s awesome I’ve been able to do that. But I want to leave a mark on the younger guys as someone who worked hard and left a good mark on them.”

After this season Boldin will be playing baseball at Capital University, a private college in Columbus. “Playing college baseball is awesome. I’m super excited,” Boldin said. “Really excited for the opportunity, but also nervous. I don’t know what to expect, which makes me nervous, but overall I’m excited.”

Another upperclassman working on leading the team is junior right fielder Maysun Klimak. “It feels great to be an older player on the team and be able to have a leadership role on the team,” Klimak said. “I would also hope that I’m giving the younger players something good to look up to.”

Scis went on to recognize a few other players who have contributed to the team’s success this season. 

“Evan Morris has been a huge build to our pitching staff,” he said. “Also Sean Gates, he’s batting .533 and he chases everything down in the outfield. We have quite a few guys that have stepped in and done a good job, but we have some sleepers that have done really well, too, like Mike Sweet. He’s been hitting the crap out of the ball and pitching really well. We’ve had a really huge team effort….”

Their approach to getting a player out of a rough spot or turning the game around when the team is struggling is called ‘rake and take,’ We wanna see fastballs. If it’s a ball, we take it, but if it’s a strike, we rake it. So that’s our philosophy with our hitting right now.’

— Head Coach Chris Scisciani

Scis also mentioned  several underclassmen who have stepped up this season. Sophomores Noah Newman and Kyle Liddle have been splitting the job at catcher, he said, “but when Boldin pitches Newman plays shortstop. Newman is batting 447. Jorge Herrera-Sosa and Steve Michniak are both hitting well right now and playing solid in the field. Michniak is batting .387 and Jorge is .378, so we’ve got a lot of team chemistry right now.”

The team has had a rocky start to the league games this year but a winning record overall. Two games are still in progress due to weather delays.  

“We were beating Garrettsville 4-3 and it’s not an official game yet,” Scis said. “We are tied with Woodridge 4-4 in the eighth inning. Both games got rained out, so we got two games that we still need to finish.”

Aside from finishing the two games, the Rockets are also looking at some tough competition ahead. “I think our toughest game is going to be Cloverleaf,” Scis said. “Obviously, we lost to the Field twice, and we lost to Norton, and we are better than them. But Cloverleaf is undefeated right now in the league and they beat the Field already.” 

The Rockets will face Cloverleaf May 3 at home starting at 5 p.m. Click here for more scores and schedules.

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