Romance ‘breathes in’ personal wellness class

A course on Personal Wellness featuring yoga, goals, fitness and mental wellness will be offered for the first time next year to sophomores, juniors and seniors as part of the physical education curriculum taught by Krista Romance.

“Investing in our own personal wellness is so important, and a lifelong necessity,” Romance said. 

According to Free Management, personal wellness is a “conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.” 

This course will touch on all aspects of personal wellness. Students will gain a better understanding of personal wellness, set SMART goals, and create fitness plans to help reach their goals. 

Another important topic that will be covered is mental wellness. Students will discuss and practice mindfulness along with learning how to cope with stressful times. 

Yoga will also be incorporated in this class. Some benefits of this activity include increased balance, endurance, flexibility and muscle strength.

Romance has been teaching yoga as a part of the fitness unit in P.E. for a few years. She said she has noticed a sense of calm in the classes every time she teaches these lessons.

We all know we need to exercise our bodies to take care of them, but we also need to practice taking care of our minds too.

— Krista Romance

An avid yogi, Romance said she became a certified yoga instructor last year when she sought to deepen her understanding of the practice to be a better teacher for her students.

Junior Erica Mcalpine plans on taking Personal Wellness next year.

High school years can be challenging,” she said. “People go through many things. Having a good knowledge about mental/physical health will improve everyday life.” 

Mcalpine said she seeks to gain knowledge and skills she can implement into her daily routine to live a healthy lifestyle.

Mcalpine also hopes this class can better her emotional, mental and physical health, and also improve her yoga skills.

Freshman Laura Lemus also intends on learning about personal wellness.

“It’s a good thing to take time for yourself and learn about how to take care of yourself, especially being a high school student getting closer to college or just the real world in general,” Lemus said.

Lemus said she hopes to learn more about being mindful.

Romance said she is looking forward to teaching this new class.

I am excited to be able to provide the students with an opportunity to have these discussions and develop some tools they can use to help them navigate through life.”