Math teacher Helen Delorenzo welcomes daughter Ariana Vivian March 10

Kadence Wiggins, Reporter

Ariana Vivian DeLorenzo was born to math teacher Helen and her husband, Anthony, March 10 at 12:57 a.m., weighing six pounds, five ounces.

Ariana Vivian DeLorenzo was born March 10 to math teacher Helen Delorenzo and her husband, Anthony. (photo by Amanda Ellis Photography — published with permission)

“Being pregnant and feeling the baby move was really cool, but seeing the actual person that I created has been the best part,” Helen Delorenzo said. “In the first month, she’s already grown so much. Her newborn sized clothes used to hang off her and now they’re getting snug. She’s starting to recognize my face and voice, which is surreal to me.”

Delorenzo is on maternity leave until the fall, but is managing to keep very busy. “Right now, my entire day is planned around what she needs. She eats when she’s hungry, sleeps when she’s tired and cries when I’m not fast enough to catch on.”

Fortunately, Delorenzo is receiving support from family. “Anthony, my husband, was able to take a little over five weeks off to help take care of the baby,” she said, “It was so helpful while I was healing and getting used to our new role as parents. My mom has also been coming over early in the morning to help watch the baby.”

Delorenzo said having a baby was more than she had expected. “I was always told that newborns just sleep, eat, and poop. It seemed like a lot of work, but I thought I would get breaks while she slept,” she said. “When we first brought Ariana home from the hospital, she barely slept. The baby’s cries are so stressful, especially when she gets really upset. As she gets bigger, I’m starting to figure out more of a routine with her, so it’s easier to figure out what she needs.”

Delorenzo said so far the biggest challenge of being a new mom is: “Being there to take care of her 24/7 on little to no sleep …It’s a strange feeling knowing that you have to get through it because now that she’s here, she’ll always be here. People love to hold babies, though, so sometimes I sneak away for a nap then.”

While she is short on sleep, Delorenzo said she has been able to eat and drink plenty, thanks to DoorDash.

Math teacher Helen Delorenzo and her husband Anthony are celebrating the birth of their first child, daughter Ariana. (photo by Amanda Ellis Photography — published with permission)

Since they are brand new parents, the DeLorenzos are not sure about having another child. “I think we would be happy with just one child, but two isn’t out of the question,” Helen Delorenzo said.

Thinking ahead to her return next school year, Delorenzo said she believes “it will be a huge adjustment. I was always well known for working late and being one of the last cars in the school parking lot. That won’t work any more with this tiny human needing me home. I’ll definitely have to prioritize my work/life balance.”