Homecoming Recap

Brianna Saucier, Reporter

Homecoming was a fairy tale come to life. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

Kayla Flick and Anthony Mella took home the crown for the senior court members

Other nominees included:

Seniors: Katie and Megan Curran, George Redding lll and Jared Tuma

Juniors: Kaitlyn Agra, Maddie Rice, Russell Kendall and Dominic Carone

Sophomores: Fidelina Valverde Rivera and Hank Carey

Freshmen: Tori Wagner and Cameron Kamlowsky


Seniors sailed high above everyone else with their “Peter Pan” theme in the hallway decorating contest. Their hall featured a 3D pirate ship, courtesy of Kayla Flick, a giant treasure map, Mermaid Lagoon, Pixie Hollow and the Lost Boys Hideaway. It took faith, trust, and pixie dust to get it all done in one night. The pirate ship even included its own captain: Peg Leg Featherstun. The juniors wanted to be “part of their [own] world” with their “The Little Mermaid” theme. Students could swim with the fishes after passing through the balloon arch into Ariel’s Grotto. Many had their dreams come true when they got to become Ariel through the cardboard cutout of the mermaid. Sophomores were wide awake this year and came from behind to steal second place with their “Sleeping Beauty” theme. A branch arch lead into their Enchanted Forest, complete with its own waterfall and sign pointing to other Disney kingdoms. The freshmen were truly mad as a hatter after coming in third place with their interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland.” The Evil Queen reigned once more over her card knights, threatening off with anyone’s head who dared to insult the decorations. 



Freshmen won the fence decorating competition, followed by sophomores, then juniors and seniors. Photo courtesy of Emma Rogowski


The Homecoming football game against Coventry had a great turnout with the stands filled to the brim with Rocket Rowdies and other fans. ‘Boro lost 25-21. Senior George Redding lll and junior Keshun Jones scored the Rockets’ touchdowns, with additional points contributed by sophomore Shaheen Ghehremani’s PATS (Points After Touchdown).


Unable to keep a straight face while competing in the fruit race at the homecoming pep rally are juniors Chloe Skladoni and Marie Kallay.

Several new traditions mixed things up for this year’s homecoming pep rally. Due to the football game being the same night as the school meeting, homecoming court opted out of the makeup challenge in order to stay pristine for their announcement before the game. Cheerleaders stepped in for them and were experimented on by volunteers in the crowd. Other new traditions such as trivia, the suit race, passing fruit via necks, and the mummy run amped up the meeting. Seeing Jake Wagner competinge in a pie-eating contest by himself was also a new addition. It was a “close” battle, but Wagner ate his way into a victory. Principal James Hogue added these new activities as an attempt to make school meetings more enjoyable. He sought to do this with help of the Student Leadership Club, created this year to engage students more in the meetings.

image1-1The dance once again consisted of the classic group dances like “Wobble,” “Cupid Shuffle,” and “The Cha Cha Slide.” But the highlight of the night was homecoming queen Kayla Flick graciously passing off her sash to fellow senior Iyana Chester. Chester was offered Flick’s title and her dance with the homecoming king on stage. “I saw Iyana jump in the middle of a group of people and start dancing, and you could tell she was really having a good time, so I thought letting her dance on stage would mean more to her than it would to me,” Flick said. She conspired with adviser Tracey. Schneeman and senior Anthony Mella, to make Chester the “honorary queen.” “I don’t really deserve the credit for it,” Flick said. “It wasn’t about me or holding some silly title, it was just using the opportunity to make someone’s day.”