Drake’s More Life Album

Drakes More Life Album

CiCi Tamburro, Contributer

On Drake’s birthday, OVO sound radio on Apple music played “Fake Love,” “Sneakin” and “Two Birds One Stone” off his upcoming album, “More Life,” set to  be released in December.

Since “Fake Love” has been out, its song lyrics were all over twitter and in many instagram captions.  

Senior Isabel Wolfe said, “I really like that instead of a love song, breakup song or partying song, he’s talking about how people only want him now that he’s famous.”

Others like this song because it represents how they feel, especially seniors on twitter getting scholarships to big, popular schools, and now getting a lot of love from people they have never really had a conversation with.

“Two Birds One Stone” is still the typical slow/sad type of song by him but it has deep and very meaningful lyrics. Some of my favorites are: “I put it all in the music because if I don’t say it here, then I won’t say nothin’, Could feel my hand getting tired from holding the grudges.”

I feel most rappers do express most of their true feelings in their lyrics because no one will really pay attention to them if they just said them in interviews.

“Fake Love” is my favorite out of the three songs he has released off his new album. This song talks more about things I feel are more relatable than the sad, break-up music Drake is known for. He talks about how people want to show love now that he is rich and famous.Senior Savannah Nevels said she likes the  song ‘Sneakin. “I would definitely listen to it while warming up for a sporting event,” she added.”The lyrics aren’t much. The way the artist portrays the song, it makes it a banger.”

“Sneakin” is my least favorite song Drake has released. I think it is only liked because it features 21 Savage, whose music is more about violence.

It was kind of a switch up for Drake to have more of a violent song.