Washing makeup brushes with Orbiter’s Beauty Guru


Shelby Gibson, Beauty Guru

How to wash makeup brushes:

Washing makeup brushes is essential to an everyday makeup routine; “cleanliness is next to godliness,” my grandmother would always say. Oil, dirt, and bacteria gets stuck inside the bristles causing acne that shouldn’t be there. Dirty brushes make your skin more prone to breakout because of all the bacteria left behind in the bristles. Buying a spray to spritz on the brushes after every use can help to keep them clean, but every week or so, deep clean them to make sure you get all the bacteria out to prevent breakouts and clogged pores.  According to YouTuber Tess Christine, following these easy steps will help clean not only your brushes but your face as well.


Things needed:


How to:

  1. First, wet the makeup brush in the bowl of warm water and add some baby shampoo, swirl it around.  
  2. Second, put more of the baby shampoo in your hand or makeup brush mat (about a dime size) and swirl the brush in the mixture very gently, slightly scrubbing.  
  3. Wash out the soap in the sink with running tap water.
  4. Place the brushes on a towel, letting the bristles face an open area such as the sink to let them dry.

After the steps above, the brushes should be cleaned deeply and ready to use again!