Newman settles in as new vice principal

Brianna Saucier, Reporter

                    Vice principal and former wrestling champ Aaron Newman ran Maple Heights High School before replacing Vince Suber this summer.
                     Suber moved down to the middle school and took over as principal when Steve Hatch retired this past year.
“[To go from] running a building and to take a step down, you have to humble yourself,” journalism teacher Polly Dierkens said of her new supervisor. “It shows dedication to the school and says a lot about him as a person.”
                    Newman said one of the benefits of taking on the vice principal position, after serving as a head principal is having more time to spend with his family. His family is a major priority for him, as he has two children, a daughter, Carly, who is a freshman in high school and a 4-four year- old son named Nash, and a wife, Amy.
                    Newman’s favorite pastimes include watching Cleveland sports with his son and father, or going fishing with his wife. A fond family memory he recalled was catching a foul ball for Nash at an Indians’ game.
                    From a young age, Newman participated in wrestling. Whilst attending Columbia University he was captain of the team and placed sixth in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA) conference.
                    Newman may be an administrator now, but he originally earned a law degree from Columbia University in New York. He originally wanted to pursue law to keep youth on track by helping them avoid the life of drugs and crime so many of his peers had succumbed to.
                    His career path changed after witnessing the repeated cycle of crime with without any change in attitude. They would get out of jail, he said, only to keep returning to drugs or other vices. Newman soon decided to help direct and guide children from an earlier age, by pursuing an education degree.
                    His move to Streetsboro High School has been easier with one familiar face. Health teacher, Chris Scisciani has been a close friend of Newman for over 30 years.
                    The two even got the same tattoo together, along with the rest of their high school friend group. It’s an ‘MM’ on their ankles, which stands for McCauslen Manor, the neighborhood they grew up in together.
                    “All of the memories I have with [Newman] happened at his house.  It was like the community house of the hood. We always were there,” Scisciani said. He said he is extremely excited that they work together now. “I love it! I get to work and see and talk to one of my best friends every day!”
                     Not only did they grow up together in the same neighborhood, but Scisciani and Newman were also in grade school and football together.
                     “In June of 1995, after my graduation party, [Scisciani] and a couple other friends of ours went to our football field and sat at the 50- yard line and reminisced about our time together,” Newman recalled. ” It was the moment we began to realize that we were soon going to have to split ways.”
                      Newman has expressed his excitement for the new school year, the new building and his new position.
                      “I want to be the best principal I can be for the kids at Streetsboro High School, and that’s something I’m absolutely committed to doing.”