Makeup for beginners

With Orbiter’s own Beauty Guru


Putting on makeup is an art. A decision unique to each person. With the basic principles in mind, finding the right shade for the right skin type is crucial.

“Makeup is my creative outlet,” junior Fabian Lemus said. “It’s not considered artistic, but I look at my face as a blank canvas every time I do my makeup. Plus, you can look fierce while being artistic.”

Starting out as a beginner without knowing a specific skin type is hard; there’s so much out there.

“If you are a beginner, take your time with it,” Lemus advised. “Practice makes perfect.”

Eye shades vary from blue to brown to green. Some eyeshadow colors look better on certain eye shades than others. For example: Blue eyes look better with copper and brown shades, they make the eyes pop.

When starting off in makeup, people need to decide whether they want a more dramatic or a natural look. A natural look consists of some eyebrow product, mascara and blush.

Build up with contour, eyeliner (maybe winged), eyeshadow and lipstick for a dramatic look.  

“I always go for a more natural look, unless it’s a special occasion,” freshman Noel Johnson said. “Even when I try to create a more dramatic look, I find myself softening it.”

YouTube is a great resource for ideas and inspiration.

Multiple stores carry all kinds of makeup. Drugstores, for example, hold all kinds of wonders for a very good price. Ulta and Sephora carry more of the expensive brands, and also have associates who can help steer people in the right direction, especially if those new to the world of makeup.

“I tend to spend most of my money at Ulta,” Johnson said, “But I typically buy something from any store that carries some of my favorite cheaper brands.”

Throughout the world of makeup, it can be tough to find what works and what doesn’t. Many brands are useful for beginners; others can be overwhelming. Those new to makeup might get lost and unable to find their way through all the lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. Some useful brands for beginners include NYX, Milani and Too Faced (a higher end brand). Each person has his/her own individual skin type. Finding out if the type is a combination of oily and dry, or just dry or oily is very helpful in finding out what foundation is the right fit for that particular skin type.

“I love makeup because I think it gives you the ability to enhance your good features,” said senior Cassie Lobb. “Also, it gives people confidence.”