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A Look Into The Life Of: Spanish Club

Taylor Ivroy

November 12, 2019

Spanish Club expands members’ knowledge on the Spanish culture and language no matter how advanced their level in the subject is. By being a member, the club can provide job opportunities and travel purposes, because who wo...

Dress Code Questioned

Kylie Beckley

November 4, 2019

Junior Jordyn Hartley wore ripped jeans to school one day last year and was told by a teacher to tape them up. She was headed to take a test and could not tape them right away. “As this happened, a cheerleader in uniform walked right past ...

Fall Activities 2019

Makenzie Workman and Luciana Mcmanus

October 28, 2019

Haunted Houses: Hudson Haunted House: 2250 Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236 (330) 697-1279 Only open Fridays and Saturdays 7:30 p.m.-midnight both days Adults & Teens-$12 Kids-$6 Military D...

To wear a bandana

To wear a bandana

November 14, 2017