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Immunocompromised endures vaccine reaction
Renee Rose, Editor & Reporter • May 25, 2021
Junior Savanna Estes blocks a Hudson players shot. Estes plays the forward position and has had 2 concussions due to contact in the post.
Concussion awareness and addressing injures could mean life or death for athletes
Savanna Estes, Editor & Reporter • May 21, 2021
Older generations may insist that todays music just is not what it used to be, that it is inappropriate and overly auto-tuned. Yet reporter Jessica Wyno (and Rida Shaikh, through this artwork), show that if people still vibe with it, the music is meaningful.
Generations are out of sync
Jessica Wyno, Reporter • April 22, 2021
Romance 'breathes in' personal wellness class
Abbie Myers, Reporter • May 25, 2021
Many members of the LGBTQIA+ community try and hide their sexuality. Jayy Whited said, I kind of hide it from the teachers because they tend to treat you differently once you do make it clear.
LGBTQIA+ community speaks out on acceptance
K.J. Beckley, Reporter • May 25, 2021
Music allows a sense of relief to many. Paige Casey said, “Since Im not the best at being able to express how Im feeling, being able to listen to artists that know how to do it really helps.”
Covid prompts concert cravings
Rida Shaikh, Reporter • May 25, 2021
Girls Soccer 2021-2022
September 14, 2021
Senior Owen Stiftar and his family saw everything on display downtown the day before the draft. Saw stage, every team’s helmet on display, saw the Cleveland signs. Dad, stepmom and sisters. Wednesday, April 28 “First time something exciting’s happened in Cleveland since the Browns playoff game.”
Diehard Cleveland fan immersed in NFL draft
Owen Stiftar, Reporter • May 21, 2021
Junior Courtney Morgan gives one of the youth golfers a high five May 23 during the last session of the program. (photo by Abigail Myers)
Future of Rocket golf sure to be a 'hole in one' with help from SHS role models
Ella Kassan, Reporter • May 20, 2021
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