Brothers at home; teammates on the court

Bensons make basketball a family affair

Photo by Racheal Pelter

Noah and Nehemiah Benson may be on the Varsity basketball team together this year, but the two took different paths to get there.

Noah, a 6’9” senior, is in his second year of varsity, but this year is much different than last. He is starting, and seeing significant playing time, and when he looks next to him, he sees his younger brother, Nehemiah.

The older Benson brother pushed himself this summer to prepare for more Varsity action by showing up to summer practices three mornings a week, three hours
each time, and going to Amateur  
Athletic Union, or AAU,  games. He did all of these things to develop his conditioning, leadership skills, mind, spirit, as well as basketball skills and knowledge.

Basketball and life coach John Saucier, said Noah not only made physical changes to reach his goal, but he stepped up as a leader to really make a difference on and off the court.

“He’s significantly aided teammates, by making sure they are joining him, by picking them up for workouts, on his own initiative,” Saucier said. “He sets a good example for the team with his work ethic in the off-season and his attitude.”

Benson’s coach and teammates agree, and even honored him with the title of “captain” this year

His “little”, 6’4’’ brother, Nehemiah, made it onto the Varsity team as a freshman, and both Bensons are in the starting lineup this year due to their skills and work ethic.

“He can do it all, and he’s only a freshman,” Saucier said of the younger Benson. “Rebounding, scoring, seeing the floor, passing — and he has exceeded expectations on defense…He has definitely earned the team’s respect.”

Noah consoles his brother after injured during a game. Photo by Brianna Saucier


Saucier’s claim was supported by Nehemiah’s game-winning basket on opening night.

“I’ve always had to play 10 times better and smarter on the court because I’m the young
est out there,” said Nehemiah. “It’s been very exciting playing. I love the atmosphere and I love competition… It’s been stressful at times with all my homework and stuff like that, but I get through it.”

It is clear to anyone watching the brothers play that there is a strong relationship between the two. Noah has been seen comforting his brother when injured or in a stressful situation, and Nehemiah gives him some competition in warmups.

Photo by Brianna Saucier

“These are two great kids that are a lot of fun to be around and coach,” said Head Coach Nick Marcini. “They are always lighting up the gym with their smiles and are always working and having fun…The Benson brothers work great together on the court. They always seem to find each other in great positions to score.”

The stats speak for themselves as the brothers are together averaging over 17 points a game.

“My favorite memory from this season is when my brother hit the game winner against Chagrin Falls to start off the season,” Noah said. “It’s fun playing with my brother, especially because we grew up together, and the fact we have been playing together in the driveway for years. The best part is seeing him score or doing something amazing on the court. Then he’ll look at me, which makes it all worth it.”