Big Sean’s musical makeover


Kate Shcherban, Contributor

Jeremih, Eminem, Jhene Aiko, and Migos; these are just a few of the artists on Big Sean’s newest album, “I Decided.”

“I Decided” was released February 3 at midnight, and by the next morning, it was the talk of the school. Pulling into the parking lot that Friday morning, “Jump Out The Window” could be heard playing from a student’s car.

Although there was plenty of buzz about the album at school, it didn’t compare to the amount of tweets from SHS students stating their opinions on the album, along with their favorite and least favorite songs.

One aspect many appreciated on “I Decided” was its abundance of features. For some, the features outshined Big Sean’s stand-alone tracks and became their favorite songs on the album.

Junior Ciandra Tamburro said her favorite song is “Same Time.”

“Jhene Aiko and Big Sean are my favorite couple and they sound so good together,” she said.

Perhaps the most talked about feature on “I Decided” is rap legend Eminem.

Senior Cale Simpkins said, “My favorite song off the album is ‘No Favors’ because Eminem’s verse feels like the old Slim Shady. The song sends a message like ‘I don’t need anybody, I can do it all alone.‘”

The praise may have outshined the criticism, but some did exist.

“My least favorite song would have to be ‘Moves,’” Tamburro said. “The song doesn’t really talk about anything of importance.”

Big Sean’s newest album has been repeatedly compared to his old music. His breakout hit ‘Dance A$$’ may have made him famous, but since then, he has developed his music to be darker, deeper and more meaningful.

Big Sean has been using his music to make a statement, not just a beat.

“Compared to his old work, I feel like Big Sean has elevated,” Simpkins said. “‘I Decided’ seems deeper than all his other albums, where it seems like he’s just trying to be the best rapper. Now I get the feeling he’s putting messages and meaning in his work.”

The closing song of the album, “Bigger Than Me,” features the Flint Chozen Choir to bring more attention to the situation in Flint, Michigan. While many rappers choose to stay out of politics and talk about sex and drugs, Big Sean uses his fame to take a stand.

Although he has been writing more meaningful lyrics for his new music, Big Sean still focuses on making an enjoyable beat. Multiple songs off of this new album, including “Voices In My Head/Stick To The Plan,” feature beats by Metro Boomin.

Senior Megan Curran said, “Before I’d listen to Big Sean’s old music and get in my feels, but now I feel like people get lit to it, and they can enjoy ‘I Decided’ so much more.”

Even though there are still aspects of the old Big Sean in his new album, the artist has grown as a person and a producer. Now that he has recreated and revamped his music, people who had not liked his work before are giving him a second chance.

“I recommend everybody listen to ‘I Decided,’ especially in this new era of hip hop where it’s all about money and girls,” Simpkins said. “Big Sean breaks that tendency and it’s all positivity on his new album.”

Curran agreed. “I Decided” is so versatile, in fact, that many people who are not usually rap fans can enjoy his new album. I would recommend the album to all people, because not every song is the same, and each song gives you a different message.”

Whether you’re looking for meaningful lyrics or a good beat, Big Sean’s new album has it all. The overall consensus is that it is one of the artist’s best and most versatile; give it a listen, and you decide.  

To download “I Decided.” on iTunes click here.