La La Land named, then replaced as best picture



After a terrible accident February 26, all the hopes and dreams of “La La Land”’s cast and crew perished along with its award. It was in their hands until viciously ripped away by the Oscars.

One of the biggest nights of the year became a nightmare. Emma Stone had just been named “Best Actress.”

“Best Picture” was up next, with nominees: “Fences,” “Hidden Figures,” “Manchester by the Sea,” “Arrival,” “Hell or High Waters,” “Moonlight,” “Lion,” “La La Land” and “Hacksaw Ridge.”

Everyone was anxiously waiting as the envelope was handed to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

Sweat dripping down their faces. Hands trembling. Stomachs drooping.

“And the academy award,” Beatty said smiling, and looking down at the card again, and over at Dunaway, “for Best Picture…”

“You’re impossible,” Dunaway interrupted jokingly, “Come on. ‘La La Land’,” as Beatty handed her the card.

The crowd went wild. Clapping and screaming. The cast crying and hugging before heading up to accept their reward.

Producer Jordan Horowitz gave his speech first.

“There’s a lot of love in this room and let’s use it to create and champion bold and diverse work that inspires us towards joy, towards hope and towards empathy,” he said.

Next to the mic was producer Marc Platt.

“Here’s to the fools that made me dream…and to the Hollywood community that I’m so proud to be a part of and to the Hollywood in the hearts and minds of people everywhere,” he said. “Repression is the enemy of civilization, so keep dreaming, because the dreams we dream today will provide the love the compassion and humanity that will narrate the story of our lives tomorrow.”

Producer Fred Berger was up next.

“To the love of my life,” he said. “I’m up here because of you. I love you so much…”

He was interrupted by chaos happening behind him. A man with a headset came to interrupt the happiness of the cast and crew.

“…We lost by the way but you know”

“I’m sorry, no, there’s a mistake,” Horowitz clarified. “‘Moonlight,’ you guys won Best Picture. Come on, this is not a joke…‘Moonlight has won Best Picture. ‘Moonlight.’” He holds  up the correct card, “Best Picture.”

The crowd went wild. Cheers and cries came from far and close distances.

The Oscars had two cards of each award made, so that no matter which door presenters , they would have a card.

Dunaway and Beatty were accidentally given the second card for the “Best Actress” presentation.

“I’m gonna be really proud to hand this to my friends from ‘Moonlight’,” Horowitz said.

On stage the cast and crew of “La La Land” handled the mishap very well. It was sad watching a fun movie get Best Pictures taken away from them, but overall it seems that “La La Land” got rewarded for being fun and uplifting but didn’t have a very strong, moving message like “Moonlight.”