Orbiter meets Tyler Settle


Anna Klink, Contributor

Senior Tyler Settle came to Streetsboro High School three years ago from Avon, Ohio.

Although he admitted he did not always get along with his peers, Settle said,  “One of my favorite teachers is Mr. Charlton and then Mr. Gaug, because Charlton has helped me a lot over these three years, and then Gaug is just a really nice teacher.”

If he could offer underclassmen advice for the years to come, it would be: “Don’t mess around with thinking your freshmen year isn’t important, because it is, and every grade is important… Yeah, you’re new to the high school but still don’t just sit here and mess around and get in trouble.”

As for being a part of the first senior class to graduate from the new building, Settle said: “I feel good about it. I mean, we’re going to be known… I feel special.”

His plans for the future involve joining the military. “I don’t do good getting yelled at, so I gotta learn to control my temper to go into the Marines,” he said.

Settle said he wants to go into the Marines because he sees it as a good way to start his adulthood, and a way to be able to provide for his family in the future.

“…Everyone looks at me now, they’re saying, ‘he’s going to be a dropout,’ and then when I graduate,” he said, “I’m just going to look at them and just walk away, go do bootcamp, make it into the Marines.”

When Settle comes back to visit, and people see him wearing the uniform, he feels like he will be able to say: “Now you see, I’m going somewhere. That’s why I want to be a Marine.”