Cavs working toward another championship

Photo of contributor, London Anderson courtesy of Haley Shaw


With 10.6 seconds on the game clock, Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James took a free throw, winning Cleveland the NBA Championship June 20, 2016.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Cavs fan and P.E teacher Krista Romance. “I think that everybody who really, truly appreciates the championship is still kinda riding high on it.”

Scoring a thrilling 93 points in Game 7, the Cleveland Cavaliers made history.

“Growing up in Northeast Ohio my whole life and if you talked to everybody in this area, one of the sports teams — either the Cavs, Browns or Indians — has ties that has so many emotional investments in it.”

James told Scott Cacciola of The New York Times:In an online article published June 20, 2016 after the Cavs’ historic win.

“I don’t think people imagined it this way, the route that we’ve taken and that’s fine,” James said. “Like I always say, every day is not a bed of roses and you have to be able to figure out how to get away from the thorns and the pricklers of the rose and things of that nature to make the sunshine.”                                              

“Winning a Championship has really shined a light on Cleveland, when it was ready to have a light shined on it.” Romance said.

Being the second team in the Eastern Conference, with 47 wins and 26 losses (as of press times) is largely due to the team’s chemistry, unique at basketball’s highest level, according to

Getting to know each other on and off the court has really benefitted the team, with James making it a tradition to invite his teammates over or taking a stroll together to get a bite to eat; these gestures are helping the players bond.

“We’re playing good basketball and I think it’s because we trust each other,” reported Channing Frye saying  Dec 19, 2016. “We’ve built a bond and we’re going out there doing the best we can in not only just playing basketball, but to getting to know each other.”

It is no coincidence the Cavs are playing at an alltime high level.

But injuries are weighing them down a bit.

Due to knee surgery, Kevin Love will not return until about two weeks before the playoffs begin, if he is out the full six weeks.

James, who has made it clear that the Cavaliers are in need of another “playmaker,” had also missed a game from strep throat.

Cavs fan and freshman Andrew LaFlame agreed with James. “Because we lost five games straight when he said that, we signed playmakers, so now he has help with the injuries.”

Romance said she is all for Cleveland’s investment in the new players.

Deron Williams has been shooting about 16 points a game and Andrew Bogut, averaging about 12 points a game, were signed to the Cleveland Cavaliers mid-season.

“At the very least these two guys can kinda save the team, as the team moves forward,” Romance said,

Creating bonds, getting past these injuries, investing in new players and working together as a team to get wins, are all efforts at making the Cavaliers a better and stronger team, and is a step toward winning another championship for The Land.