Art Knows No Boundaries, and neither do they

Some people just don’t know boundaries, including those who performed at the Streetsboro Eagles in Thrive’s recent Art Knows No Boundaries event.

Junior Sydney Miller and sophomore Matt Mitchell perform at Art Knows No Boundaries. Photo by senior Megan Curran.

Emily Esperson, Anthony Mella and Shaciya Sims (a sophomore, senior and freshman) pushed the boundaries February 18.

“I learned that art can really bring people together,” Mella said. “Blake Fischer and Mike Paden had a great comedi
c performance that I’d like to see again.”

That night Mella had prepared a spoken-word poem about mistakes and the emotions they bring. “I enjoy performing and I’m willing to read off any poem at another performance,” he said, referring to his original poem “Do not Place it in my Care.”

Esperson sang the modern cover of “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace and G-eazy. She participated in more than just one act, though; she played guitar and egg shaker, and contributed vocal harmonies in other performances.

Freshman Shaciya Sims sings at Art Knows No Boundaries. Photo by senior Megan Curran.

She said she spent the night doing what she loved and sharing the experience with others. “I absolutely loved performing,” Esperson said. “It was stressful at times, but soon stress turned into anticipation, and soon that turned into adrenaline. I’d definitely go again.”

Sims performed with songwriting teacher Jim Boardwine, sophomore Matt Mitchell, and senior Katie Curran, on the song, “Ease on Down the Road,” which will b
e featured in SHS’ upcoming musical. Sims is the scarecrow’s understudy in the actual show, but for this show she was the lead vocalist, performing for a full house

“Art is a one-way ticket to a second family,” Sims said. “It brings smiles to people’s faces and lightens up the mood. That night, people grew fond of what everyone does, which brought us all closer together.”

“Grey,” written by Brett Boardwine and performed by Curran, had actually brought Sims to tears, she said.

Art Knows No Boundaries is an annual event organized by Boardwine. This was the group’s third show. “Performing was an adrenaline rush,” Sims said. “I was nervous. But then I got on stage and everyone was cheering me on. You feel like you belong there. I’d most definitely go again. Just to see the smiles on their faces would be great.”