TV Production skyrockets with cutting edge equipment


Mr. Daulbaugh

TV production studio

With the new Streetsboro High School came new: desks, tables, bathrooms and smart boards, but the real jewel of the new high school? The TV production equipment.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Daulbaugh.

When you spend about “a half million dollars” on new stuff, production quality tends to change…a lot. The new equipment includes: improved cameras, tripods, teleprompters (we didn’t even have teleprompters in the old school) and a new “control room.”

Inside the control room is pretty much anything you would ever need for recording high school events: intercoms, a “graphics computer,” a tricaster and an RC camera controller.

From the controller, two cameras in the gym, as well as two others in the auditorium, can be accessed.

The tricaster is a “director board;” it essentially switches between cameras and helps insert graphics made on the “graphics computer.”  

TV production teacher Tom Fesemyer explained “The (size of the) Tricaster has quadrupled, this is completely new,” with the size of the board increasing and the new components added onto the new board recording has been made alittle harder for Morning Announcements staff and those who record other scholastic events like myself.

The “graphics computer” has a wide selection of customizable templates that allow students to find the perfect graphics for morning announcements or upcoming events like basketball games.

The ‘control room’. Photo courtesy of Mr. Daulbaugh

Don’t get too excited, though, only Channel-16 and morning announcement staff members are allowed to work in the “control room” or use the new cameras (unless you volunteer to record an after-school activity).

But what does all this new equipment mean to you, the high school student, who is too cool to care or not trained to use the equipment? Well, the equipment means a major improvement in quality of morning announcements, and if you’re an athlete, it means better quality (and more quantity) of game recordings.

If interested in recording an event, contact Fesemyer for more information.