Orbiter’s weekly app review: PinOut!

Week of October 30th


Orbiter’s app of the week review: PinOut!

With the game PinOut! comes a fresh and vibrant new face to the old game of Pinball. Attempt to navigate the ball through each level continuously harder than the last. Find a new take on the classic pinball game using extravagant colors and music.

Was it easy to learn?

Faith: Somewhat yes… I had played the real life version of pinball before downloading this game, but there were no real directions set to the game.

Leah: I had an easy time learning how to play this game considering there are only two directions.

What did you like?

Faith: I didn’t like much about this game to be completely honest. I loved the music for the checkpoints, and I really enjoyed the fact that each checkpoint had a change in music. For me, the ability to level up was rewarded with better music.

Leah: The only thing I really liked about the game was that it stayed true to the real life version of pinball. When missing the ball, it fell fast. The music was cool too; I felt it fit the theme of the game well.

What did you not like?

Faith: Basically everything really. The lights were so bright it gave me somewhat of a headache. It was hard to keep paying attention to the screen. Also it became very tedious. It was boring to play basically the same level over and over. I also hated how during the game it would occasionally pause and ask me about other apps and or power ups. And lastly, my least favorite thing was the fact that if I didn’t want to buy the full game I wasn’t able to continue on and keep playing; I had to restart each time. Being a cheap apple user, I hated being asked to pay money.

Leah: To be honest it’s really boring. I didn’t play for even five minutes straight, and the bright lights started to hurt my head.

Was it addicting?

Faith: I did not want to play almost three minutes into the game. Immediately once it downloaded I got very tired of it, not addicting at all.

Leah: It’s a good time waster, but not that addicting. I will probably delete it off my phone soon.


Faith: 2 out of 10…. I really didn’t like this game. I never liked pinball and so this game is just an extension of my dislike for hitting a small ball farther up a board with little arms.

Leah: 3 out of 10…. It’s alright if you are bored and have nothing better to do.

Such bright colors!

If you want to download the app, click here.