Orbiter app of the week review: The Trail – A Frontier Journey

Week of November 7th

Orbiter’s app of the week review: The Trail – A Frontier Journey

An interesting game based off the strife’s of the common new American as they face the harsh conditions of a world without help. Use your avatar to navigate the landscape, trade, and make a name for yourself in this new game, The Trail – A Frontier Journey.


Was it easy to learn?

Leah: It wasn’t the easiest to pick up on,though, it will still tell you where and what to click on if you need assistance. You also have people telling the character what to do, which can either be a good thing if you want to actually follow the game, or a bad thing because it won’t let you do anything but what they say.

Faith: Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but understanding this game was not very easy. I got a few simple rules, such as how to move, stand up and pick up speed, but other than the bare minimum, I got VERY little as to what I was supposed to do in the game. I had no idea why I was doing what I was, or even how. I thought the whole point of the game was to get to Eden Falls…. But towards 2-3 days into the game, I lost confidence in that being the concept.

trailWhat did you like?

Leah: I like the whole idea of the game. Being able to travel and trade things that you made. I think it’s very interesting and a nice not-your-everyday game that you find in the app store. The music was also fun. It set you in the scene, but there was what sounded like a ukulele which didn’t seem like it belonged.

Faith: I liked being able to pick what my character looked like, and his name. I named mine “ScrubbyVonScruberson.” Very long title, but much better than some stupid name like Dave. I enjoyed the nature noises the game had as a background and having the ability to talk to other characters in the game. I at least assumed they were other players, but I am truly not sure.

What did you not like?


Leah: It started to annoy me a little bit. I would be walking too fast and miss something I needed to pick up and it would take me a few tries to get my guy, Dave, to stop so I taylescould pick it up. And the graphics. Oh the graphics. It
might be supposed to look bad but it was bad. I get that they might not have had the right stuff to make it look appealing. It’s also a bit delayed which tested my patience. It’s also a little strange that you pick up raccoons by their tail so you can take the stuff they have spent all this time collecting.

Faith: I could not get into this game, no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t make myself like it or appreciate it in any way. Besides the music and my actual character, I liked nothing. I did not understand the actual concept of the game, nor what I was supposed to be doing. I did not know if there were other characters playing or if I was against computers. All around this game confused me, and I find it hard to enjoy being apart of a game that generally just confuses me.

Howtrails addicting was it?

Leah: I have only played it enough to be able to write this review honestly. Once you get into I guess, you want to finish the tasks they have you do so you can rewarded but I needed to stop because I was getting so impatient with the slowness of the game.

Faith: Not very addicting at all, I got very bored, very quickly. Picking up random objects to make very awkward, and invaluable items did not hold my interest very long.



Overall rating

Faith: 3 out of 10… Give me a back story, or some instruction to help clear up the confusion this game brought me, because after a week I still don’t know why I’m walking to Eden Falls.

Leah: 6 out of 10… If you have the patience to have it be slow and are okay with bad graphics then you might really enjoy this game. I sure did like the concept of it. It was different and everyone needs a little different.


If you want to download the app, click here.