Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight–Travis Scott Album Review

Travis Scott (Travi$ Scott)’s sophomore album, “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight” released September 2, is not the best album he has ever dropped, but I did like a few songs on it.

Scott is one of my favorite artists; everyone loved “Rodeo,” so I think people were very pleased when he dropped this.

Before the album came out, Scott had released two of its songs, “Wonderful” andPick Up The Phone,on June 3. They were my two new favorite songs in the summer…until I started to hear other people listen to them and it be played on the radio. I don’t like to listen to music that everyone else listens to because I want to be different. The music gets becomes very over played after a while.

One of my least favorite songs on the album is “Guidance.” I’m not a fan of the whole song overall, but I mostly dislike its beat/vibe. It’s very fast and upbeat. The lyrics don’t really have a deep meaning behind them; it’s very repetitive.

Junior Vivian Robinson said her favorite song is “Goosebumps,” because it has a good vibe and it’s a mix between singing and rapping; it also incorporates a verse from Kendrick Lamar.”

Sophomore Christopher Anderson agreed. “‘Goosebumps’ is my favorite song,” he said. “It puts me in a good mood. It mentally tells me ‘get what you want,’ and I enjoy the beat.”

My favorite song on this album is “Through the Late Night.” I especially like the when Kid Cudi comes in with a part from Day ‘n’ Night.”

Another song I like is “First Take,” which features Bryson Tiller.

Tiller is known for “feelings songs,” and since he’s collaborating with Travis Scott, it makes the song even better. Lastly, “Sweet Sweet” is one of the best tracks, because it just features Scott. I like the beat and it lifts my mood; it kind of gives me summer vibes. In the song, he adds lyrics in Haitian and Patois, “Sak pasé?, Wah yah seh?”, which means, “What’s happening?” or “What’s good?”

Senior Malik Johnson also said he likes “Sweet Sweet.” “It gives me a vibe,” he said. “I’m not sure how, but I connect with the beat. It sets something off in my brain that I just can’t put my finger on.”

Scott is expected to release another album called AstroWorld in 2017