The heart of the games, our Marching Rockets


Streetsboro’s Rocket Marching Band is not like the stereotypical marching band portrayed in the movies. The kids in the band are the geeks, but they are not the geeks without friends, or the ones everyone else makes fun of. They are some of the most well-liked people in the school, and part of the most popular groups, who get the most attention and love from the other students.

Senior Rana Rzyczycki said she finds it funny how in movies the nerds are in band. “That’s completely true at Streetsboro, but we are some really cool nerds, to be honest. ”

“It honestly makes me feel happy,” junior Corey Hautmann said about the attention he gets as a band member. “I love performing every Friday night, and our students make those performances so much fun. Hearing everyone cheer for us is just the best feeling ever.”

Sophomore Tate Raub agreed. “Sometimes I think we all just kinda feel like the big group of band nerds that are just kinda there, so when [students] cheer for us, it really makes us feel happy and confident in what we’re doing.”

 The marching band over the years had grown into one of the largest groups in the school. Its size and popularity is not typical in every high school.

Raub also added “It’s really cool because while there are definitely a lot of us, we all know each other at least a little bit, so it really feels like family. It creates this crazy awesome environment where whenever we’re able to accomplish something significant, for example, putting our Queen show on the field, everyone is so happy and so proud of each other. And everyone is always there for each other, no matter what.” Raub said.