“The Captain” Drawings


These drawings were for The Captain aka senior Brandon Sanders. The hat is his header while the skeleton mermaid is his profile picture. Originally, the hat didn’t have any text on it, but I had to add text to it. I think it looks better with it.

I noticed that the mermaid looks like Ariel. I did use a picture of her for a reference, but it wasn’t my intention to make the mermaid look like her. Although, the radio station named the drawing, “Alternative Ariel.” My mom had said to make the hair color red, and so it just happened to look like Ariel.

The radio station put the mermaid drawing on their online website. You can buy shirts, bags, phone cases, and more. I’m super excited about it! I was at a radio meeting when I saw senior Liam Salvage wearing a blue t-shirt with the drawing on it, and I started freaking out in my mind because, “IT’S MY DRAWING ON A T-SHIRT WOW!”

This was the original sketch. I like the teeth in the sketch better; they look more realistic than the sharp, pointy teeth in the digital drawing. I still think it turned out good. I mean, it is on a t-shirt and some merch.