Sophomore launches cosmetic business during pandemic


Photo by Karly Reger

Sophomore Brazil Frazier owns and manages her own cosmetic business. Frazier makes and designs all of her products.

Jessica Reece, Reporter

Frazier’s products included handmade lip gloss which she sold through on Instagram and at her mothers salon

When COVID-19 hit the US, restaurants and businesses shut down. Many people found themselves seeking new hobbies during quarantine. Sophomore Brazil Frazier decided to start a small business named B. Amor Cosmetics.

Frazier started a lip gloss business in April of 2020, when everyone was stuck at home.

 “I was very bored during quarantine so I decided to give it a try,” Frazier said.

At the heart of the stay-at-home order for many people was economic hardship. With many businesses closed, buying supplies for her products became difficult. 

“It was hard because since I was making my lipgloss homemade, and it is a very popular business, sometimes the items I needed to buy were sold out because of how high the demand was, and the businesses that I was buying from were still trying to figure out how to deal with COVID and shipping.”

Frazier persevered, creating a product that her customers loved. 

“I sold out in less than a week,” Frazier said.

Frazier’s great aunt and satisfied customer GiGi Elder raved about the cosmetics from Frazier’s company. “Her brand name stands out, plus the product itself,” Elder said. “I love her logo and the tubes that house the products. The price point is great for her age group and the gloss stays on and they smell fantastic.”

Frazier’s ambition and entrepreneurial spirit have allowed her to successfully open a business. 

“I have come across many teenage girls and Brazil is so unique and focused,” Elder said.

Frazier’s mom, Sunni Segines, is an entrepreneur and owner of Sunni & Company Salon in Cleveland Heights. Segines allowed Frazier to sell her products at the salon.

“Brazil comes from parents who are both entrepreneurs,” Segines explained. “She has witnessed them [both] become successful by working for themselves. Brazil is hardworking, dependable, ambitious and enjoys the fruits of labor. She is a leader.” 

Elder agrees. “She has the benefit of having a mom who owns her own business, so Brazil is at her mom’s business often helping out,” she said. “She performs a variety of duties there and she does them with a smile and she is very tactful. Such an environment affords her the opportunity to see what it is like to be an entrepreneur and how there are endless possibilities.” 

Because Frazier has been busy with school she has not had time to further her business since the summer. She said she wants to get back to it soon. 

“Since summer ended I haven’t been able to handle my school and my business because of how long of a process it is to make the lip gloss,” Frazier said. “I do want to get back on track soon, though. When I start again I want to add different accessories such as bracelets, hair ties…etc. I also want to make the appearance of my lip gloss better.” 

Frazier said she is grateful for her warm welcome into entrepreneurship, thanking her customers for their support, especially during the heart of the pandemic. 

“I would just want to thank them,” she said of her customers. “When I started it was at the beginning of COVID and everyone was losing jobs, but people still helped and bought items from me, even through the struggle that a lot of families had. I am extremely grateful. I would also say thank you to the people that told others about my business because they didn’t have to do that.”