Old School Orbituary

Annalane Streetsboro High School Obituary


SHS Sr., a renowned educator and administrator, passed away December 21, 2016 following a burglary. He was 114 years old.

Mrs. Maruna’s old lecture hall. Photo courtesy of Mr. Daulbaugh.

He is survived by SHS Jr., and his siblings Streetsboro Elementary, Defer Intermediate and Streetsboro Middle School.

Born in 1902 to Streetsboro Schools and Portage County at 1900 Annalane Drive, he dedicated his life to aiding teens in their mental and physical development.

SHS Sr. Photo courtesy of Mr. Daulbaugh.

“He was always there for me. He was my foundation, my rock,” said one of his students. “I just can’t believe he’s gone. Senior was like family to all of us.”

SHS Sr. had reported to the police numerous break-ins over the weeks leading to his death, and when he confronted the burglar, the criminal put his complaints to rest with a single bullet. Trophies, paperwork, and other decorations had begun disappearing, the only suspect being his son, SHS Jr.

Junior Hallway. Photo courtesy of Mr. Daulbaugh.

On Tuesday January 3, SHS Jr was cleared of all charges and opened up the new school in his father’s memory. Controversy began when Junior prominently displayed the missing items, but he declared it to be his father’s inheritance.

“Our family has gone through so much, but we have stayed strong through these tough times,” said Junior. “First Wait Elementary, and now my father, have left us to carry on their legacy. I only hope we as a city can move forward in these terrible times.”

Old band and choir room. Photo courtesy of Mr. Daulbaugh.

Wait was the estranged and youngest member of the Streetsboro family, but she passed shortly before Senior in December, from health issues. Campus — the newly renovated and renamed Streetsboro Elementary — has taken over Wait’s assets and carries on her work in her place.

The Streetsboro family has gone through so much over the years, with SHS Sr. still bearing the scars from the fire in 2010, but citizens have stayed strong and grown closer through it all.

The late Senior’s last wishes were for the school to have no seating in the cafeteria, no senior lunch privileges, no weight room, and too little gym seating to accommodate all guests.

SHS Sr. was built a memorial that rests where his home once was, so anyone can pay their respects. It will be refurbished to accommodate middle school students, so he can still help develop children beyond the grave. His old students may have moved on to a new school, but they will forever
think fondly of the old trailers, no A.C. and cramped quarters.  

In loving memory of

Wait Elementary