Vampire Diaries Orbituary


March 10, The Vampire Diaries aired its last episode, ending the eight year long show and ending the lives of many loved characters.

Airing for the first time September 10, 2009 on the CW, The Vampire Diaries brought life to many characters, and pulled in the attention of many viewers.

The television drama centered around a highschool girl, Elena Gilbert, who lost her parents in a tragic car accident. Although the town was no stranger to supernatural beings, she ultimately bought them back to the small town of Mystic Falls.

Often, people stereotyped the show and had prejudices against the vampire factor. Junior Laila Carbajal claimed TVD was the best show she has ever watched. She encouraged people to give it a chance because “it’s different from other vampire movies/shows.” Currently Netflix offers all 8 seasons of the show for instant viewing.

Regardless of the show’s obstacles, The Vampire Diaries lived a long, happy life, and brought joy to many people.

When the show turned 6 years old, it lost a loved one. Doctors believe the show ultimately died of broken-heart syndrome, due to the loss of Elena Gilbert.This condition is usually temporary, but its damage on the show was irreparable.

The show did not pass as quickly as one would have hoped, but the last two years were still enjoyable. The remaining characters tried to keep it alive, but for the viewers, it was just not enough.

As season seven ended, producers announced that the show had outlived its life expectancy, considering the main character had left, and it was surely going to pass within the year.

“I think the ending was a good time,” Carbajal said.

The show took its last breath peacefully March 10, 2017.

It was in its hometown, surrounded by all its loved ones, even those who had left the show long before. Vicky, Jeremy,  Elena, Elena’s parents, and many other family members joined together to put the show to rest.

Although the cause of death was pretty apparent, the actual occurrence was sort of confusing to viewers, and they found it hard to understand. But after the autopsy, the show was obviously at peace.

Near the end its life, the show revealed the characters after lives and them reuniting with their family members. This showed the fans that the characters all reached a point of peace, after they lived fulfilling lives.

Carbajal said she thought the series finale did the show justice. “It pulled everything together and everyone was at peace.”

Some fans of the show believed it passed too soon.

“I don’t feel like they should have ended the series,” senior Jayana Taylor said. “I felt that the series finale was rushed.”

Old friend Klaus Mikaelson, from New Orleans, offered his condolences, along with a hefty donation. in a letter and tribute to TVD.

The show did not survive the entire predicted eighth season. The other seasons consisted ofat least 22 episodes, but the final was only 16.

Taylor was a huge fan of all seasons of the show.

“I was glued to it beginning to end,” she said. “I was so upset when it ended and how it ended, because, although they said their final ‘goodbyes,’ I still felt like they left us hanging a little and with some questions.”

The eight-year long series had many supporters throughout its lifespan, and even beyond until its dying day. The show viewers had a true emotional bond with — which displayed innocence, love, and loss — has come to an end.

When the time came, everyone said their goodbyes, but the memories of “The Vampire Diaries” will always be in their hearts.

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