Staff plans to make best of holiday season


Photo by Pauline Dierkens

Photographed is Pauline Dierkens puppy. Dierkens enjoys taking photos and adding the Christmas elements just brings it to life. Dierkens also loves to decorate for Christmas

Izzy Cooley

Getting into the holiday spirit can be hard sometimes for multiple reasons. 

It might be especially difficult this year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Spanish teacher Alexandra Klobusnik said, “Holidays have always been tricky for me since I have divorced parents, but if I’m being honest, COVID has made it slightly easier.”

She said she was able to go home and see her mom for Thanksgiving. Since her dad works during holidays, they have to see each other before or after. 

Math teacher Ryan Spence and his wife always have an extra special holiday with their two sons, Carter and Casey. 

“They are very excited to decorate the house, make Christmas cookies, wrap presents, etc.,” he said.

Their tradition of going to see family in Pittsburgh for Christmas has been ruined but Spence said he is excited to see the new ones they are able to make instead. 

“Sometimes the best traditions start without trying to make them happen,” he said. 

English teacher Lisa Gorog said her immediate family is spending lots of time together since they cannot see their usual family from Colorado for the holidays. 

They will be “making cookies, playing a lot of games, having movie nights, etc.,” she said.

Spence will still be making cookies with his family and having sushi on New Year’s Eve. He said he is especially excited for Christmas morning with the boys. 

“Seeing them come downstairs and finding presents under the tree is an awesome experience,” he added.

Spence said they will also be keeping in touch with the grandparents through FaceTime. 

As for Klobusnik, her dad’s side of the family will still be going over to her grandparents’ for Christmas Eve. “We start with a different-themed dinner, then spend some time playing games and talking about life since I don’t have much time to go around as often as I want,” she said. 

Another family tradition of hers will continue this year. “For as long as I can remember, we have always had matching pajamas,” Klobusnik said. “That’s always the best part.”

The Gorog family will also continue their book hunt tradition. “For the month of December, I hide a Christmas book each day and write a clue as to where I hid the book. Then I read a different book aloud to my kids before going to bed each night.”

She said she is looking forward to a “stress-free environment” at home over break. Like Klobusnik, Gorog’s family will be donning matching pajamas, but the tradition is just beginning for them this year.