Mason Kamlowsky scores designing job for NFL player

Mallory Rice

Aside from designing, Kamlowsky is a senior that plays soccer and basketball. In the photo above he was announcing the boys soccer team at the Homecoming pep rally (Photo by Erika Richards)
This is the original design that Kamlowsky sent to Isaiah Rodgers that would be later printed on his shoes

Some people dream of  seeing their work  on television, but for senior Mason Kamlowsky, it’s his reality.

Kamlowsky started his graphic design hobby at the beginning of quarantine.  “I just wanted to try something new, since we would have so much time, with not much to do,” he said.

Designing involves a lot of “trial and error,” Kamlowsky said. Once he finds a piece to go with, the process involves “retracing a lot of steps to fix the smallest detail.”

Kamlowsky works for Overtime Sports Groups in Cleveland. When Indianapolis Colts player Isiah Rodgers needed a logo for his foundation, “he decided to reach out to me personally to work with me on his logo,” Kamlowsky said. 

According to Overtime Sports Groups on Facebook “Isaiah Rodgers laced up #MyCauseMyCleats.”

The Website also says: “The foundation is committed to sponsoring events and funding facilities that cultivate rich positive relationships like those that impacted and had a major influence on Isaiah’s life.” Kamlowsky said he and Isaiah did not come in contact very much but, when they did, it was through text or social media. “He’s a really cool guy.”

This photo was taken from Isaiah Rodgers Instagram story. The design printed on the shoe is Kamlowskys design

For Kamlowsky, this was a great achievement for his designing hobby. “Seeing my work on a professional player was just amazing, because that is the highest stage you can get to,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe that just starting something for fun over quarantine would lead me to where I am at now.”

Even with Rodgers’ busy schedule, he is going to try to get Kamlowsky the cleats with his design on them.  “Since it was my first design for an NFL player that was really brought to life, he would try his best to autograph the cleats and send them to me.”

This was a great achievement for Kamlowsky but it is just the beginning. 

“My goal for designing is to become an art and content director for an NFL or NBA team, meaning all the game day posters, media designs, game day graphics, everything design-wise with the team,” he said.

“I hope that I can work my way up to that position, but for now I am just taking things one step at a time.”

Kamlowsky will be attending Notre Dame College in the fall to pursue a major in graphic design.

Down below is some more of Kamlowsky’s work.