Kickin’ it with Bobvi 


Junior Bobvi Thomas began posting shoes he no longer wore on his Snapchat account a little over a year ago to make some space in his closet.

Thomas said he did not expect selling shoes on social media to“spiral” into a buy, sell, and trade business he ended up naming “Snkrs Gate.

Thomas mostly resells Jordans and Yeezys because those shoes “resell for the most value,” he said.

“Easily the most expensive pair I have to sell is the Travis Scott X Fragment collab that is around $1,500 for one of the pairs and $3,000 for the other pair,” he said.

Thomas explained that he now buys as many pairs of shoes as he can online before they sell out, then resells the shoes through online sites such as ebay or to local consignment stores. 

He posts those shoes that do not sell via those methods on Instagram in order to sell to local customers.

Junior Abbie Myers, who has bought three pairs of shoes from Thomas, described him as a seller who is “reliable” as well as “easy to communicate with.”

“If you become like a…regular client, he’ll like usually get stuff in your sizes just in case you buy,” Myers said. 

Arai Marino, another junior who has bought shoes from Thomas, and been a customer  since before he launched his business, described the buying process as “very easy” and also called Thomas “reliable.”

Not only does Thomas have a sneaker business, but he also is a student who enjoys making others happy.

Thomas decided to team up with over 35 other students to buy chemistry teacher Matthew Featherstun a pair of Jordan 4 sneakers.  

“Snkrs Gate is your connection for shoes, yeezy bags, way-way over priced sweatshirts.

— Chemistry teacher Matt Featherstun

“I just wanted to show a random act of kindness and just show we appreciate him,” Thomas said.

Featherstun said the shoes are “phenomenal.”

“It was very cool that there was a large number of students that contributed to that,” he said. “It just made me feel good about myself that the students felt strong enough to participate in that.”

Featherstun said receiving the shoes was a very positive experience at a point when he was exhausted.

Thomas plans on continuing his sneaker business journey even after he graduates from high school.