New mascot to be unveiled September 29, on Homecoming weekend

either the space ranger or the alien for the win


SHS has not had a costumed mascot for years, and now is the time for that to change. 

Students and staff voted this spring on four different options for a new mascot: An alien, space ranger, sloth and a bunny. The top two choices are the Alien and the Space Ranger. The reveal date will be September 29, Homecoming weekend.

“I’m really excited to have a new mascot because it can get students more involved…,” said junior cheerleader Liv Hall.

Students interested in performing as the mascot will receive more information at the beginning of the school year.

Hall said most people she has talked to voted for the space ranger because he “looks the most hardcore and scary.” 

Student council adviser Tracey Schneeman, and counselor Ira Campbell have coordinated this project, though Schneeman added, “There are about six ‘secret agents’ on the team,” meaning other students/staff who are involved. 

The new mascot will be seen at “most sporting events as well as other events that a mascot could enhance the experience,” Campbell said. 

Having a new character to represent Streetsboro, as well as liven up the crowd at sporting events “…will make the games more interactive,” Hall said. 

Campbell added that he hopes people find the mascot entertaining, with the newness of it, as well as its high quality, sure to draw attention. 

The quality of the costume is “imperative,” because it will be in the students’ hands to take care of, Schneeman said. 

photo courtesy of Rocket Dog’s Twitter, 2016

Those planning the project are putting a lot of thought and effort into making sure this mascot is the best that it can be, and part of that reason is that Streetsboro has not had a high-quality mascot costume in the past. 

The designer for the new character is a reputable manufacturer, making the costume built to last. 

As far as the quality, we are making sure that it is a quality suit that will last,” Campbell said.

Having a reputable company work with the school on this project is overdue, Campbell said. “The previous [Rocket Dog] costume was through the PTA, and we were looking to have a mascot that was fully through the high school.”

The school’s lack of involvement in previous years led to undesired results nearly every time.

Older mascot costumes have not been very durable in the past, leading them to smell and be visually unappealing. 

The Rocket Dog costume has not been around or worn in a long time, Schneeman said. In fact, it has not been in use in her whole time teaching here, in 14 years, she added.

“To be honest, Mr. Campbell and I have been talking about it for years,” Schneeman said, “however, the actual design process of this mascot costume has been happening this year.” 

Hall said she is looking forward to cheering with the new mascot on the sidelines for her senior year. “I’m really excited to have a new mascot because it can get students more involved at games and we will have a lot of [fun] one with one.”