Streetsboro hoped to be ‘Victorious’ restart for freshman Job Gibson

Freshman Job Victorious Gibson is ready for a new victorious beginning. For Gibson, moving to a new school is a new start for him because in the past his schools used to lead him to the fighting path.  Gibson is very excited to be a Streetsboro and “there aren’t as many gangs.”

Gibson was born February 6, 2006 in Georgia. “I don’t really remember my dad,” Gibson said. “He died when I was 1 years old and that’s when we got took away from our mom.”  

Gibson was adopted and now just he and his brother Immanuel are left.  His other siblings moved out or went to college.  Immanuel is 13 years old and they were both adopted by their cousin Anita Gibson.

He said that it is “a head to head in the house,” meaning that the two brothers are always fighting but it really is just brotherly love.

Gibson has been in a total of three school districts: OCP, Warrensville and now Streetsboro.  His least favorite school was his charter school, OCP.  Charter schools “are schools that are publicly funded but operated by independent groups” (  Charter schools are open administration and are not allowed to receive funds for faculties and only rely on private donations.  OCP stands for Open Collections Program and is located in Maple Heights, Ohio.  That school “made him mad” because he hated it so much.

“I used to like get detentions every day,” he said, “and we would have to write 200 paragraphs in one hour just so we can leave, and by the time you finish that, your hand was like” — squeezes hand.

One of the differences between Streetsboro and OCP, he said, is that Streetsboro “doesn’t have any gangs.”

Gibson’s personality does not only shine to friends but to teachers as well.  Teacher Molly Klodor said, “Job’s personality is often relaxed, but he gets really fired up and competitive while we’re playing a review game or having a class debate.” He is kind to his classmates but “definitely jokes around.”

 Klodor says, “Job tells me that he is allergic to everything we do in class. I have encouraged him to bring some Benadryl next time we have IXL assignments.”

Aside from being in school, Gibson likes to go to open gyms at our school and plays on the Freshmen Basketball team.  Junior, Bryce Vecchio says, “On the court he is really competitive but off the court he’s really funny.”

While Gibson does not miss his old school, he definitely misses his old friends. Yet, it did not take him very long to make new ones at this school.

Sophomore Montana Head said, “We met when we were in first period and I was making fun of him because he was wearing shorts and it was cold.”

The two have become good friends and Head said, “We get along pretty well because we have a lot in common and he’s actually a really good person once you get to know him.”