SHS named ‘Top High School’ by US News and World Report

Administrators credit counselors and former principals Hogue, Newman with this honor


Photo by: Sam Gray

Junior Renee Rose said she feels SHS deserves this award because of the bonds created here. “Our school deserves the Top School Award because of the bond and understanding between staff and students.”

Streetsboro High School has been recognized as a top school in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

It is in the 38th percentile nationally, and 28th percentile in Ohio, according to US News. 

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Three things considered when honoring schools with this award are: overall school performance, school subgroup performance, graduation rates and college and career readiness, according to

Principal Brett McCann said a big reason the school received this award is because of the expectations here the students have for themselves, and the expectations the teachers have for students. 

Capturing a moment at the 2020 graduation celebration at Kent’s Midway Drive-in are graduate Sam Miller and former SHS principal Jamie Hogue. (Photo by: Abby Pincoe)

“…From what I’ve heard from the staff is that our kids have higher expectations for themselves, and in turn our staff has higher expectations for our kids, and so much of doing well academically is just the expectations you set for yourself,” he said. “If you set a low bar, the worst that you can do is lower that bar. If you set a high bar, the chance of you being successful are just so much more likely. So I think that’s what it comes down to, is just the expectations have been set higher in the last couple years for our students.”

Assistant Principal Julie Taylor said she and Principal Brett McCann cannot take all the credit for this award. 

I would first like to mention Mr. [Jamie] Hogue, who was here the previous eight years as part of our success…,” she said. “This is not just an effort on our part, this is a HUGE contribution to the whole staff, as well as Mrs. Simmons and Mr. Campbell.”

Former assistant Aaron Newman promotes the BORO Way. (Photo from Orbiter archives)

In addition to crediting the former principal and guidance counselors, Taylor said, “As we continue to grow, we want to be able to offer more AP classes as well as prepare students better for the End of Course exams. In doing so, we would like to look at our overall course offerings and how we can help set students up for success in the future.”

Some students also recognized staff members for the role they have played in earning this award. Junior Renee Rose said, “We achieved this award because our teachers and staff work hard to make sure that the students have academic success in the present and the future… our school deserves the Top School Award because of the bond and understanding between staff and students.”

Freshman Mario Puleo agreed. I personally think that the school achieved this award through the dedication of the faculty members to making this school the best that it can be. The staff is doing an amazing job, as far as I’m concerned, and as a student I couldn’t be happier as to how this school is improving.”

Junior Elise Gestring gave additional credit to the teaching staff. “We have an amazing staff here at Streetsboro,” she said.. “They’re incredibly supportive and easy to work with. They go out of their way to give us students the best learning environment and experience as possible.”