Rocket Marching Band heading to Disney World in November


Renee Rose

Sophomore auxiliary member Miley Anderson performs with fellow bandmates at a football game in the fall.

The Rocket marching band community will head to Disney World, in Orlando, Florida in November for four days to work with a professional musician and perform in the park.

While this is not the first time SHS’ marching band has done a Florida trip, it has been at least since before COVID hit in 2019. None of the current members have gone together as a unified group.

“One of the best experiences of taking a band to Disney World is the workshop,” said director Brett Dawson. “Disney brings in a professional musician who is currently performing somewhere in the parks. They work with the band for a few hours, and at the end we get to take home a CD with a short excerpt from an animated Disney movie with our band playing the music. It’s a fantastic souvenir to have.”

Aside from working with the musician on Day Three, the itinerary also includes performing and marching down Main Street on Day Four, going to dinner as a band in Disney Springs, all while spending time in each of the parks during their stay. 

Dawson explained how the group will take a motor coach down to Florida. The trip will take approximately 15 hours and 30 minutes, without stops, overnight, he said, adding that he actual trip will be closer to 18 hours each way when including rest stops.

Freshman Abigail Holmes plays clarinet at a football game last fall. (Abbie Myers)

Freshman Abigail Holmes, who plays clarinet, said she is most looking forward to the Florida weather. “I’m originally from Florida,” she said, “but since moving to Ohio I’ve gotten used to this weather, so going back down to Florida is gonna be a change to say the least, especially since we’re going from winter/fall weather to hot summery weather.”

Though this is Dawson’s first year at Streetsboro, this is not his first time taking a group to Florida. “I was a part of band teams who have taken performing ensembles to Florida, Tennessee and Washington D.C.”

Junior Jordyn Lydle said her favorite thing to do in marching band is performing and this is what she is most looking forward to about the trip 

 “When we are performing or playing or just having fun, we are all doing our own thing and acting as a family, which I love as well,” said Lytle, who also plays clarinet “But when we are in the parade block, that is the time we move as one, we speak as one, and it truly feels like we are one. 

She added that  everyone’s differences help bring them together and make what makes performing together worthwhile.

“Everyone still shines through the uniform in their own way, and I encourage that they do, but even if they are expressing who they are as an individual, we are all showing who we are as a band when we march down the street,” Lytle continued. “It is our way of telling everyone who’s watching that we are stronger together and we will stand together as one when needed. That is the beauty of marching band. No matter who you are, there is always someone there for you in the band. That is why the parade block is my favorite experience.”

Anyone interested in joining marching band next year can email Dawson at [email protected] or visit him seventh period in room #151.