Girls soccer makes history

In the photo above is junior Mariah Embry. Embry has been a fierce defender on the soccer team since her freshman year. She is a fierce competitor with her speed and a great teammate with her positivity

After fearing they would not have a season at all due to COVID-19, the girls’

soccer team ended up as MAC co champions, district finalists and with junior midfielder Ella Deevers named Player of the Year for both the conference and the district.

With a final record of 14-2-3, the girls won the most games and scored the most goals in a single season in school history. This record had them ranked sixth in the state at the time of post-season play.

After beating Field 4-3 Oct. 13, the Lady Rockets secured their half of the MAC title. Even if the girls did have to share with Norton, capturing their back-to-back division title alleviated some of the pressure. 

“It felt like a relief in a way because we were at the beginning of the season, hoping to break records this year,” Deevers said. “When we finally did it, it felt like a weight was lifted off of our chests because we achieved it.” 

Junior Mariah Embry said she feels her team was so successful because everyone just really wanted to win. She also noted how much athleticism her team has. “I feel like we have a lot of speed on the team and good players.” 

Aside from Deevers’ individual recognition, four players, including senior Erika Richards and juniors Emma Flick, Maddie Maynard, and McKenzie Mobley, made First Team All Conference. 

Named Second Team All Conference were seniors Kaylee Christine and Alison Laudato, along with junior Mariah Embry. 

Seniors Abby Pincoe and Jordan Richmond also earned Honorable Mention in the Conference.

Coach Ryan Willard was named conference Coach of the Year.

In addition to their team goals, some players achieved personal goals as well. 

Junior McKenzie Mobley said, “I just wanted to have fun and at least score a couple of goals.” 

Mobley ended up scoring six goals for the season.

PLAYOFF game round 1

Deevers accomplished some of her own goals as well. 

“I wanted to be named Player of the Year again and then I also wanted to be First Team All State again,” she said. “I wanted to get 20 goals and 20 assists on the season, and sadly, was one assist short.”

As of press time, the All-State awards had not yet been released.

The girls said they accomplished so much due to the relationships among teammates and coaches. 

“We have a great bond,” Mobley said. “Most of us grew up playing soccer together, so that helped.” 

Willard said the girls never get on each other when others make mistakes.

“I think they truly care about each other, even if they are friends or not,” Willard said.

Some of the girls said they felt comfortable around their teammates and coaches. “You can be yourself around everyone,” Mobley said.

“Our coaches are just honestly the nicest people and they understand,” Deevers said. “I think they like our goofiness. It’s just so easy to joke around with everyone on the team.”

Willard said the players feel like family to him. “I know I cannot please everyone with the amount of playing time they get or decisions I make, but I definitely care about each kid on the team like they are my own kids,” he said.  

The girls’ pre-game dancing was a highlight of the season and one example of the team’s comradery, said some of the players. 

“Those were my favorite,” Mobley said.

The girls would dance to any songs on a playlist made by Richmond.

“Me and Ella would just dance to anything,” Mobley said.

Another tradition was taking a group picture with everyone before a game. “We have to do it before every game or else we’ll lose,” Deevers said. 

The girls and coaches said they are already looking forward to next season

“We have a lot of great kids coming back and that is what makes it all worthwhile,” Willard said.